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About The Therapy




I am an holistically oriented psychotherapist using a synthesis of humanistic & body/mind psychotherapies, with a grounding in classical theories. I work with you as a whole person, not a diagnosis.


I offer a safe authentic relationship and would describe my style as warm, sensitive and engaged. I am nonjudgmental and I respect the autonomy and strengths of each individual. I believe that when a person experiences unconditional acceptance and empathic understanding, healing and growth occur.


My work is guided by the understanding that each person has their own deep inner perfection of being. We may have lost touch with this, or feel that we cant access it enough to let the best parts of us run our life. I am trained in helping guide you back to this wonderful part of you, and in helping you regain it, along with your truth and your joy.


My treatment approach is eclectic. I use IFS, Gestalt, Psychodynamic, and/or cognitive-behavioral interventions depending on what is needed or preferred.


I also believe that in order to best serve others, a therapist must continue to responsibly examine their own internal world with an intention of constantly improving integrity. For this reason I am involved in ongoing supervision, trainings and therapy.


I believe in the importance of a good match between therapist and client, so I encourage an initial meeting to establish whether we are a good fit.

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