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About Helen


I have been LOVING being in private practice for 25 years.


I attended Hampshire and Hunter colleges as an undergraduate, concentrating in creative writing, comparative religion and psychology.

I attended NYU school of social work for my masters. The majority of my studies in this masters were developmental and ego psychology. A very good preparation for becoming a therapist!

After graduating, I attended a 4 year postgraduate training program at  the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy.

Since then I have completed the one-year postgraduate training in Self Leadership which is also known as Internal Family Systems.

I have also attended a year-long training with the Ackerman Family Institute on working with sexually abused children.

I have attended classes and trainings with R. D. Lang, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, John Pierrakos and Richard Schwartz.


All of my life I have continuously studied consciousness, spirituality, and meditation with many teachers including Stephen Levine, Ram Dass, Vilayat Inayat Khan, and Bella Salerno. I am also influenced and informed by others in this field, such as Eckhart Tolle, and many more. I have read extensively in and studied the mystical traditions of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism, as well as other forms of worship.


Some of my favorite spiritual writings are the poems of Hafiz, and Rumi.


(Links to info on many of the above people and subjects are on the "links" page.)


I believe that there are many paths to the divine, and to the Self.


Personally, a big theme in my own life has been searching for and recognizing the truth. That would be of course, my own truth about who I am, what I feel, what I want, and what my true expression is. My choices of majors in college reflected this pursuit, and the many years of spiritual search and studies, and individual and group therapy that I have experienced assisted me greatly. I have personally experienced many deeply transformative years of Core Energetics, Gestalt, IFS and eclectic therapy. I am very grateful to my therapists and to these models for helping me change for the better, and embrace my authentic self.


My search for my own truth has led me to an openness, compassion for, and commitment to all of our truths. We all have a birthright to our own truth.


And of course, I am interested in YOUR truth. That is a core element of what therapy is about.


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