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I am deeply committed to maintaining confidentiality regarding your records and anything you share with me. The required exceptions to this are: a written request by you that I share information with others, danger of physical or psychological harm to you or others, and court order. I also, as a part of my commitment to serving you, obtain regular supervision, where cases are discussed anonymously.




My fee is $150 per session. Sessions run 60 minutes. The fee may be paid at the beginning of the session by cash, check or credit card. It is also acceptable to pay by automatic bank payment, or through Paypal. If my fee is a hardship to you we can discuss a reduced fee. If you have insurance which covers out of network therapy, I will be happy to give you a bill, whenever you request it, for you to send in for reimbursement. Fees will increase yearly, at the beginning of the year. If we have negotiated a reduced fee, that fee will also be reviewed at that time or at the time there is a change in circumstances.


You are entitled to miss three sessions per year at no charge. These free missed sessions are of your choosing and may be for any reason (vacation, illness, work, therapy respite, etc.). You will be charged for all additional missed sessions. If the session is missed with notice, I will make every effort to schedule a make up session, in person or over the phone. Make up sessions must be completed within 30 days.








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